Cloudian announced that VMware customers can use Cloudian’s fully S3-compliant object storage software, all managed in VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware Tanzu.

Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage is integrated into the new VMware vSAN Data Persistence platform and offers massive scalability, military security and multi-tenancy, reduces the complexity of the infrastructure and enables new efficiency and cost savings.

Cloudian HyperStore object storage is based on cloud-derived technologies and a native S3 API implementation and, according to the manufacturer, offers a flexible, unified storage platform and high-level API-driven infrastructure that modern application developers demand from infrastructure platforms.

The combination of HyperStore and the vSAN Data Persistence platform offers the following advantages:

  • Object storage for companies based on the vSAN Data Persistence platform: Use the vSAN support for Shared Nothing Architecture (vSAN-SNA) or vSAN …

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