Cloudflare today announced new tools and integrations for building applications on its serverless computing platform, Cloudflare Workers.

The company also announced a partnership with database tool maker Prisma that will allow developers to use Cloudflare workers with databases like MySQL, Prisma and Postgres, as well as NoSQL databases like MongoDB, FaunaDB and any database connected via HTTP like DynamoDB , connect to. Firebase and AWS Aurora.

“The promise of serverless computing is its simplicity,” said Matthew Prince, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “So these new tools and partnerships are based on our belief that every developer in the world should be able to connect their data to build any type of application on Cloudflare, period.”

Make serverless computing accessible

While many organizations are using serverless computing solutions, users have often had to spend a lot of time configuring and managing infrastructure and databases.

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