Cloudflare says it successfully mitigated a massive DDoS attack with 15.3 million requests per second.

The incident was the largest HTTPS attack Cloudflare has ever seen. HTTPS attacks, according to Cloudflare, are “more expensive in terms of the computing resources required because establishing a secure TLS-encrypted connection is more expensive.”

It costs an attacker more to launch such attacks and more to defend a victim.

The target was a Cloudflare customer running a crypto launchpad that showcases decentralized finance projects to potential investors. According to Cloudflare, the attack used a botnet that had already been observed and lasted less than 15 seconds.

The majority of attack traffic came from Indonesia, followed by Russia, Brazil, India, Colombia, and the United States.

Cloudflare notes that the attack was interesting because it primarily came from data centers and the company sees a “big move” from residential areas.

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