CloudBank expands to accelerate and expand access to public cloud resources


Eligibility for CloudBank, the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program that provides access to and managed services for public cloud resources for research and education, has expanded dramatically, making it easier for users to access its resources to obtain.

In a recently published Dear colleague letter (DCL), the NSF announced the expansion of the CloudBank program to all active awardees funded by the Directorate of Computer Science and Engineering (CISE). NSF has also streamlined the process for cloud requests. The following are the key elements of the updated program:

  • Eligibility for any active CISE-funded Principal Investigator (PI);
  • Direct resource requests directly to CloudBank (similar to other NSF programs like XSEDE where PIs request resources directly through these programs). No NSF proposal is required;
  • Cloud Awards do not count towards future supplemental funding requests to an existing Award;
  • Simple suggestion…

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