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Amazon Web Services is one of the greatest successes of modern companies and technologies. It uses its first mover advantage in the public cloud to equip companies with skills that they couldn’t build on their own, creating a lucrative business for themselves.

It sure didn’t feel that dreamy on Tuesday.

Outages are nothing new, and this wasn’t the worst we’ve ever experienced, but the problem of the widespread AWS US-EAST-1 region was remarkable because of its far-reaching implications, and illustrated the extraordinary reach of the cloud.

It wasn’t just about website failure. Day traders couldn’t trade. Players couldn’t play. For God’s sake Adele couldn’t sell tickets for her upcoming tour.

The fallout was visible everywhere you looked McDonald’s kiosks to Tinder connections to NPR podcasts. The startup Intelus from Seattle had the bad luck to open its company on Tuesday morning with a …

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