Lacework, which provides cloud security tools for cloud, container and DevOps teams, has raised $ 1.3 billion in new funds. The company closed a $ 525 million financing round in January, less than a year ago.

The rapid expansion of cloud applications and workloads means that cloud security is fundamentally a data problem, says Lacework. Security must take into account the enormous amount of data exposed in the cloud, the rapidly developing technologies and the flexible infrastructure. Lacework automates the process of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data flowing through the cloud platform.

The Lacework Cloud Security Platform collects, analyzes and compiles security and threat data for the detection of anomalies, the visualization of events and warnings and compliance. The platform’s machine learning engine analyzes the data to identify the most critical events that require attention.

The Lacework ecosystem includes Infrastructure-as-Code, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery and Workflow …

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