As an alternative to the on-premises system, a cloud-based phone service can be used, allowing customers to transact information over the internet. Cloud phones are always hosted in one or more external secure data centers

Chinese cloud-based phone service provider Scientree (Chinese: 算筹信息) announced that it will raise hundreds of millions of CNY in an angel funding round in the near future. The investment is led by Fosun Capital, followed by existing investor Union Rich and a well-known fund. Proceeds will be spent on cloud infrastructure, R&D and recruitment.

Liu Yi, founder and chairman of Scientree, said the company plans to release a small household server that could store data and information generated by cloud-based phones. This helps customers reduce hosting costs and keep information private. In addition, Scientree intends to expand further abroad.

Fosun Capital, the lead investor in this financing round, believes that from an industry perspective, the…

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