What type of cloud market share do Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform each hold – and what is the impact on the top 250 public cloud MSPs?

Here are the latest cloud market share statistics and related trends that can help MSPs and IT consulting firms understand the next steps and opportunities in the managed cloud services market.

Among the facts to note, according to Canalys:

  • Cloud Services Market Share: In Q1 2022, the top three cloud infrastructure providers were AWS (33% market share), Microsoft Azure (21%) and Google Cloud (8%).
  • Market dominance of cloud services: These big three public cloud service providers (CSPs) now collectively control 62% of the market, up from a combined market share of 58% in Q3 2022.
  • Total spend on cloud services: Global spending on cloud infrastructure services reached $55.9 billion in the first quarter of 2022, up 34% compared to the first quarter of 2021. The Big Three CSPs…

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