the Cloud hypervisor project is today the newest open source software project to be accepted into the arms of the Linux Foundation.

A hypervisor, sometimes known as a virtual machine monitor, is software used to create and run virtual machines that use software on one physical computer to emulate the functionality of another, separate physical computer.

As the name suggests, Cloud Hypervisor was designed to create and run cloud-based virtual machines. It is written in the Rust programming language and has a strong focus on security, with useful features like central processing unit, memory, and device hot-plugging, which means these components can be swapped out without disrupting the system.

It also supports Windows and Linux guests, device offloads with vhost-user and comes with a compact footprint. This makes it ideal for use at the edge of the network, where only minimal computing resources are available.

Intel Corp. Fellow Arjan van de Ven, who is also the founder …


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