A 2018 study by IDG, based on a survey of IT executives in industrialized countries, showed how far the adoption of cloud computing has progressed: 77% of companies had at least part of their computer infrastructure in the cloud.

Respondents estimate they will spend an average of $ 46.4 million on cloud applications, platforms and services this year, with the cloud accounting for 30% of all IT budgets. By 2020, IDG found that 92% of companies had put at least some of their computing in the cloud, their average annual investment nearly doubled to $ 74 million, and nearly half of the applications they ran were specifically for the cloud. Environment were developed.

In 2018, World Teleport Association reported for the first time how teleport and satellite operators integrate the cloud into their operations and customer solutions. In 2021, WTA takes a fresh look at how teleport operators are making cloud services transform their operations, the markets in which they can find cloud services …

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