The next great technological innovation that will power first person shooters What Battlefield it will be cloud computing, he says DICE CEO Oskar Gabrielson. During today’s Future of FPS stream, Gabrielson says the technology is standing still “A few years away”but what can you have a big impact on the genre.

“Cloud computing has really changed other industries a lot, and the games barely touched it. “says Gabrielson. “So if you think of a game like Battlefield, now we have Things like AI in the game, destruction, actual procedural stage creation. And next-gen consoles are super powerful, of course, but if we move much of that logic to the cloud […] we can do some large-scale calculations that we could not do in the past, like destruction, visual fidelity…. I think it’s only a few more years and then I guess I will see some great shooting games. But we will see. “.

When asked if cloud computing could affect Battlefield 2042, …

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