Cloud computing has come of age. Over the past two decades, the technology industry has struggled against an at times brittle approach to security delivery, with the emergence of increasingly sophisticated cloud capabilities.

We now have access to a far more evolved notion of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based technology. This is the era of cloud native. Natively built cloud services – which did not exist in any terrestrial version – are now coming to the fore. So what factors should you consider when working with cloud computing?

Adam Selipsky is CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS). He speaks frankly about the somewhat difficult early days of cloud computing: In the beginning, he says, it was expensive, slow and inflexible.

From the beginning, cloud providers tried to achieve customer loyalty wherever they could, with interoperability far from being a technical necessity. Fortunately, that time is over, and a new, more democratic and open…

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