Areas affected by the data breach include schools, prisons, hospitals, and business establishments such as Tesla, Nissan, Equinox, and Cloudflare. As answer to Verkada’s hack for surveillance camerasThe Digital Journal reached out to both security expert Robert Prigge, CEO of Jumio, and Gary Ogasawara, CTO of Cloudian, for their views on the security vulnerabilities that led to the incident. Starting with Robert Prigge, he explains how the attack happened: “As a hacker gained full access to Verkada’s system through hard-coded credentials that unlocked a system account, it is clear that stronger authentication methods are required to ensure data security.” Prigge explains, “The exposed footage from over 150,000 surveillance cameras, including video of prisoners and hospital patients, is both an invasion of privacy and security. Organizations with highly sensitive information cannot rely on passwords to protect their data. A more secure solution, biometric …


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