2020 has been a tough year for all of us, and its events are likely to have an impact on the years to come as well. Many industries were hit pretty hard, but some of them made a profit. One of these sectors is the cloud market, which has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. The pandemic did not have that much of an impact on the cloud industry, although it has slowed its growth to some extent. Still The market is projected to hit $ 305 billion from the current $ 257.5 billion – nearly three times the increase in 2020which was equivalent to $ 14.8 billion.

2021 brings new challenges, but also new opportunities for the cloud market. This, in turn, causes some important trends to emerge. Here are some of the most famous ones for 2021.

Accelerated growth

The cloud doesn’t stop growing. In fact, its development is accelerating. Since many companies are forced to work in a remote environment, …

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