When we think of environmental problems, of course, we think of huge chimneys darkening the sky and covering the trees with soot. But scintillating high-tech stuff like Cloud computing and Cryptocurrency use a quantity of energy too.

Cloud computing, in which we use computer resources over the Internet without installing and maintaining them, is a huge energy guzzler we never see:

The music video for “Despacito” broke an internet record in April 2018 when it was the first video to reach five billion views on YouTube. “Despacito” reached a less celebrated milestone: It consumed as much energy as 40,000 US households consume per year.

Naomi Xu Elegant, “The internet cloud has a dirty secret” at the capital (September 18, 2019)

We tend to think of the internet as intangible, but that’s mainly because it’s mostly material things not where we live:

When you live your life online, both in terms of browsing and storage, it is easy to feel some kind of digital weightlessness.

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