Cloud computing provider Singularity Data brings $ 10 million to Angel Round


Database startup Singularity Data has completed a $ 10 million angel round led by Yunqi Partners. The company plans to build a cloud-based streaming database that will generate insights in real time.

Founded in 2021, Singularity Data has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley that offer ultra-low latency for cloud computing and storage and enable complex data analysis in less than a second. The startup targets areas such as digital advertising, which can mark user behavior and recommend ads with high scalability and performance. Another promising application scenario is an intelligent vehicle in which singularity data can process data from external sensors in real time.

With the development of the cloud market, existing databases will no longer be able to meet users’ demands for ultra-fast speeds, said founder and CEO Wu Yingjun. Wu previously received his PhD from the National University of Singapore and worked on the Redshift Data Warehouse team at Amazon Web Services. Co-founder …

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