Wells Fargo: 3 stocks of chip to buy en route into 2021

Semiconductors are one of the most important industries in the modern world, enabling so much of what we rely on or what we take for granted: Internet access, high-speed computers with high-speed memory, even the thermostats that control our air conditioning – that doesn’t technically exist Semiconductor chips used. With the end of 2020, it’s time for the annual ritual of valuing stocks for the new year. Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers has kept an eye on the chip industry and has identified several companies as likely winners over the next year. The analyst sees several factors driving demand for chips in 2021, including cloud demand, new game consoles, and a market resolution for the future of the PC segment. Overall, however, Rakers expects memory chips and 5G-enabled chips to become the drivers of the industry in the next year. The analyst expects semiconductor companies as a group …

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