The age-old art of reading tea leaves in a cup is quite simple and can be learned in no time. Although clairvoyants have used it as a system of divination at all times, anyone can learn to master the techniques involved. Before long, you will be making predictions about the future to friends and family. You do not need to have psychic abilities; All you really need is patience to understand the different symbols and what they mean. As with all divinatory systems, however, constant use can result in your natural intuitive ability being developed and stimulated.

Adding clairvoyance to the skill will give you a deeper look into the metaphysical energy that surrounds the process. Reading tea leaves is a fun way to stimulate the imagination and tap into the subconscious and listen to your inner self for answers to any problems or dilemmas you may have. The process also ties in with Carl Jung’s theory of the “collective …

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