Cloud computing can answer many of the challenges oil and gas companies face by ensuring that the ideal data sets and visualization tools are fully accessible to all relevant team members.

It can be a difficult decision, however, to move from a traditional (monolithic) IT infrastructure where the company controls the management and security of all hardware, software, databases and applications to buying every infrastructure, platform and software “as a service” switch. for a new one White paper released by the Daily oil bulletin and geoLOGIC systems ltd.

“For many companies, there is a convincing argument in favor of migrating data workflows to the cloud,” said David Hood, CEO of geoLOGIC. “It can reduce infrastructure investments and the need for IT expertise to manage and troubleshoot. It enables asset teams to have efficient access to data and visualization tools where and whenever they need them. And it’s scalable to serve the purpose, giving businesses the flexibility to …

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