Despite being costly to maintain and difficult to scale, many organizations continue to rely on mainframes instead of migrating to modern cloud computing technologies. Mainframe migration can be intimidating due to the process of translating mainframe subsystems and reconfiguring them for cloud deployments.

However, the benefits of migrating from mainframes are immense, including increased business agility, improved IT productivity, and faster time to market. And with no mainframe infrastructure to purchase and maintain, and the cloud’s pay-as-you-go pricing system, migrating organizations can reduce their IT costs 60 to 90%.

The mainframe migration partnership between ClearScale and Astadia

ClearScale and Astadia provide the skills, experience and tools to minimize the time involved in the transition phase of mainframe migration and maximize the long-term success of modernization. Astadia offers accelerated workload migration to the AWS platform via the Astadia FastTrack Factory, a…

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