Citrix has launched new research revealing insights around COVID-19 and the future of work.

According to the research there are clear trends we can expect going forward. This includes the fact that hybrid and new workplace models are here to stay, that employees are struggling with the overlap of personal and professional lives, and that finding and retaining talent is a crucial consideration.

Changing workplace models

While many companies viewed remote work as a short-term solution to the pandemic, they now recognise it must be part of their permanent workforce and cost management strategies.

Citrix executive vice president of strategy Tim Minahan says, “If there’s an iota of a silver lining in this crisis we’ve all been living through, it’s that it’s caused us to fundamentally rethink work – where it gets done, how it gets done, and even who does it.

“Both companies and employees have seen the benefits more flexible work models can bring in terms of…

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