Citrix Asia Pacific’s net loss plunged further during the 2020 fiscal year, reporting a net loss of A $ 5.89 million for the full year. This is an even greater net loss compared to last year’s A $ 1.45 million.

This is despite a year-on-year increase in revenue from A $ 298 million to A $ 324.8 million through December 31, 2020.

The largest contributor to revenue growth during the period was support and services of over A $ 170.6 million. This was followed by a $ 86.6 million subscription, an increase of nearly A $ 38 million over the previous year. Revenues from products and licenses for workspace services and network products increased by nearly A $ 5 million to A $ 85.5 million.

Its main activity is marketing, sales, and support for IT systems and service providers to build, manage, and protect virtual mobile workspaces, and the Asia-Pacific division of Citrix Systems, based in the United States. Stated that it received approximately A $ 340 million from its customers….

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