Cisco revisits cloud security strategy with new Secure Access, SASE portfolio


Networking giant Cisco has unveiled a plan to simplify security operations, including the debut of an open security platform called Security Cloud, designed as a unified platform for end-to-end security in hybrid multicloud environments.

The platform offers threat prevention, detection, response and remediation capabilities, as well as less intrusive methods of risk-based authentication, including a Wi-Fi fingerprint.

Cisco also emphasizes intelligent user and device identity checks that run continuously and in the background.

Horizontal coverage

TK Keanini, CTO of Cisco Secure, explains that at a time when organizations are protecting assets across multiple clouds – be it Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform – security teams are struggling to provide unified, horizontal coverage of this infrastructure.

“We’re trying to abstract network and security to a layer that extends completely horizontally across what you’re protecting – …

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