CISA Director: The technology industry should incorporate security early in the product design phase


    diving letter:

    • The agency’s director of cybersecurity and infrastructure security, Jen Easterly, urged the tech industry to build more security into their products at the design stage while speaking at the conference Billington Cyber ​​Security Summit on Wednesday in Washington DC.
    • The call comes at a time when concerns about attacks on critical infrastructure and essential services have increased in recent years. Federal agencies have recently made a push to encourage developers and critical infrastructure vendors to include more resiliency in the design phase so they can better withstand malicious attacks.
    • Easterly said CISA plans to issue a request for information on new incident reporting requirements under the Critical Infrastructure Cyber ​​Incident Reporting Act of 2022, which requires immediate notification of major cyberattacks. Easterly also announced plans for a national listening tour that will include 11…

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