Citrix, which provides secure remote technology, was in the catbird seat for the pandemic but it still had to deliver solutions for its remote workforce.

As the chief people officer for Citrix, the digital workspace solution provider with roughly 10,000 employees worldwide, Donna Kimmel has her hands full. Not only did she have to oversee a global workforce that went full remote after the realities of COVID-19 disrupted the traditional in-person work environment last spring, but her team also continued to onboard more than 1,000 new employees.

Thankfully, she says, her company had been thinking about and planning for what a hybrid remote workforce would look like a year before the pandemic. In this HRE interview, Kimmel shares how Citrix eased some tech burdens of its remote workers, its plans for COVID-19 booster shots and why she wants tech that can help engage employees who might be looking…

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