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Chromecast with Google TV Owners will receive an update today that will update the December patch following one of the best streaming devices October and November updates were skipped. It comes in a little over 78MB and no change log has been posted, so it doesn’t seem like much more than a security patch. It also updates the remote control, which you can find by navigating the settings and Remote controls & accessories.

Interestingly, users on Reddit report that they have had support for 4K60 on their TVs since the update. Chromecast with Google TV has always supported 4K content at 60 fps, but it seems that support has been sporadic even on some compatible TVs.

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Unfortunately the update doesn’t seem to address any yet common problem related to 5 GHz WiFi. As of October, users have reported that some Chromecasts with Google TVs cannot find their 5GHz WiFi networks, which means users can’t use the 2.4GHz connection. There seems to be a detour to fix the problem, but Google hasn’t fixed the problem in an update yet, so some will have to try activating it manually.

The update is currently being rolled out. So please check your Google TV devices to see if there is an update available. Your device may take some time to become available. Meanwhile, Android TV Users are also made aware of an update that was introduced just a few days ago. It brings one with it Updated Google TV-like interface and Discover tab. Google has called the update a “half step” while trying to bring the full Google TV experience to Android TV devices.

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