Chrome wants to take over your iPhone passwords


Chrome has turned its ugly head and is now staring at password management on iPhone.

Today Google announced that it is bringing five new features to the Chrome app for iOS. One of those features will bring Google Password Manager, already supported by the Chrome Mac app, to the iPhone.

If users want, they can switch their password management from Safari to Chrome. Once changed, they can use Google Password Manager to create, save, and autofill passwords for websites and apps on their iPhones.

Google Password Manager is built into Chrome on your computer or Android phone. On iOS, you can set it up as your autofill provider so Chrome can help you quickly and securely create, store, and enter your passwords into any website or app on your iOS device.

Switching password managers on iPhone isn’t new. Apps like LastPass and 1Password are already supported on iOS. Google is only just beginning to add Chrome to the list.

Another key feature of Chrome on iOS is Enhanced Safe Browsing, which warns users when they try to visit dangerous websites.

Enhanced Safe Browsing can give you more proactive and tailored protection against phishing, malware and other web-based threats – and now we’re extending it to iOS. When you turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing on your iPhone or iPad, Chrome predicts and proactively warns you when websites are dangerous by sending information about them to Google Safe Browsing for review. When you enter your login credentials on a website, Chrome can warn you if your username and password have been compromised through a third-party data breach. Chrome will then suggest you change them everywhere.

You can try all the features of Google blog entry.

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