Chrome OS 103 brings Android devices closer than ever


Chromebooks and Android Smartphones will have a better, slimmer and more profitable relationship from now on. Thanks to version 103 of Chrome OS, which Google has started distributing. The improvements are part of future projects that Google talked about first at CES in January and then during last month’s I/O; a path that will lead two operating systems Made in Mountain View to collaborate more and better.

So the latest Chrome OS extends Phone Hub, the built-in control center that lets you reply to messages. Check your phone’s battery level or enable network Wi-Fi sharing right from Chrome OS. The possibility of accessing the photos stored on the smartphone has now been added to the already existing functionalities; which appear directly in the Phone Hub in the new Recent Photos section.

One click is enough to download the photo; So, you no longer have to resort to other methods to transfer photos from Android to Chromebook. No more forwarding recordings and videos via Telegram or long cloud uploads. It is enough to keep the two devices close to each other, the integration between the systems does the rest.

Chrome OS 103 release is underway


Another achievement of the integration between Chromebook and Android smartphone that smells like Apple is the sharing of the Wi-Fi network via Nearby Sharing, which is already useful for sharing music, pictures or other files. Chrome OS 103 makes it possible to easily share the password of a Wi-Fi network stored on an Android smartphone, which is useful for not having to write down every single character of an often very long key when using a new Chromebook connects to a network.

The rollout has also started for Screencast, the app for recording clips on the operating system; and automatically find them on Google Drive, ready to share. “Screencast makes it easy for anyone to record instructional videos, software demos, presentations and more,” explains Google.

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