Google has started preparations for the launch of the next version of the Chrome browser. The Chrome 89 is available in the beta version and offers a multitude of new functions and improvements.

One of the new features that will be available with Chrome 89 has been improved Privacy sandbox. The company plans to make the sandbox a more secure “personalization environment that also protects user privacy”. The beta version offers the first glimpse into the personalized sandbox for data protection.

Another highlight is the Discover Feed. Google is making minor changes to how the content is displayed in the feed. According to AndroidPoliceThe content is currently displayed on cards but is separated by dividers. With the updated user interface, these maps are embedded more fluidly. The cards no longer show the description, which makes them visually richer.

There is a new interface for accessing the website information. When users tap the notification area, they’ll see a pop-up where they can check access to the camera, sound, and other permissions.

Other small new features that will be available with Chrome 89 include reminders of unread articles stored in the Reading List, a new reporting API for websites that track usage, and support for AVIF content that is natively AV1 -Use a decoder for Android and WebView.

Google was recently introduced Chrome v88 for users. The updated Chrome browser introduces new password protection features. This includes a simple shortcut to find weak passwords and quick access for editing.

“We’ve all had moments when we rushed to set up a new login and choose a simple password for your pet’s name to set it up quickly. However, weak passwords expose you to security risks and should be avoided. In Chrome 88, you can now do a simple check to identify weak passwords and take action without any problems, ”Google said in a blog post.

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