“They were directed against activists, journalists and dissidents among Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities from Xinjiang in China, who mainly live overseas in Turkey, Kazakhstan, the US and other countries,” Facebook said in a post on Wednesday, which detailed the results of the cyber espionage campaign.

The hackers infected the target’s electronic devices with malware “to enable surveillance.” Facebook ((FB) said. In some cases, the hackers have compromised or pretended to be news websites popular with Uyghurs in order to secretly install spy software.

“This group used fake accounts on Facebook to create fictional people posing as journalists, students, human rights activists, or members of the Uyghur community in order to build trust with audiences and trick them into clicking malicious links,” said the enterprise.

In January, the United States officially determined that China was committing genocide and crimes against humanity against Uighur Muslims and ethnic and religious minority groups who …


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