China’s tech giants Huawei and ZTE face global backlash over security threats,…


    The FCC labeled Huawei and ZTE a threat and forced US companies to remove their equipment or freeze an $8.3 billion government fund for buying new equipment

    Beijing: China’s telecoms titan Huawei Technologies has faced the toughest times in its international business in recent years after the company’s alleged involvement with the Chinese government over security threats sparked protests in many countries.

    Huawei’s controversial involvement in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and security agencies has sparked protests, particularly in those countries that are either capable of independently upgrading their telecoms infrastructure or are close allies of the former, the European Times reported.

    Canada is the latest country to call Huawei a national security issue. Ottawa has accused the company of building backdoors into its products and services that give the company unauthorized access to its user data.

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