When China last took the reins of the Security Council in March 2020, the country was just beginning to control the pandemic at home, while the virus spread rapidly overseas, all the way to the United Nations headquarters in New York City. However, China refused to talk about the pandemic during this time and the council nearly fell silent for the past two weeks as the UN partially closed and the council slowly found ways to work online.

“In many ways, in the previous period, when its presidency coincided with the opening of the pandemic, it was very disappointing that it did not feel able to actively put this issue on the agenda to generalize about health pandemics. Said Rosemary Foot, professor emeritus at Oxford University and author of the book “China, the United Nations and Human Protection: Beliefs, Power, Image”.

This time around, China is not ignoring the pandemic but is tackling it in its own way. On May 19, it organizes an open debate in …

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