HONG KONG, April 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Chinafy today announced that it has joined the Alibaba Cloud Technology Partner Network.

This partnership enables global multinationals, e-commerce, travel and technology companies improved Access website acceleration and SEO performance in China, a faster time-to-market strategy and content delivery over a larger CDN network near China.

To the Alibaba Cloud Customers with websites now have an optimized option to leverage Chinafy’s intelligent resource optimization platform and accelerate onshore and offshore web performance in China.

For Chinafy customers you now have the option to choose Alibaba Clouds Extensive network for content delivery and Alibaba’s China Gateway Consulting services as part of the web optimization process with Chinafy.

“With the depth of Alibaba Clouds Chinafy is able to provide improved performance and reliability for …


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