• There is a growing consensus that China could use its lead in 5G to skip Silicon Valley.
  • Microsoft, Amazon, and Google can compete by focusing on software and working with carriers.
  • Biden’s government has expressed support for 5G initiatives that could turn the tide.
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Erdal Arikan, a Turkish professor and scientist, went quiet until Huawei – China’s leading manufacturer of 5G devices and the world’s second largest smartphone seller – lifted its work out of the dark and made it the underlying technology behind 5G.

With the support of Huawei, Arikan’s so-called polar codes would become the standard for 5G data transmission and bring Huawei to the top of the race for 5G and thus to China. Arikan himself recently told Wired that he believed China would see a new wave of trillion dollar companies built with 5G in their hearts, wrestling the cloak of technology leadership …

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