“Almost every conversation we have with forwarders is circling back to them needing to manage one or more rate management tools,” Chain.io CEO Brian Glick told JOC.com. “There is an explosion in our customers needing this capability.” Photo credit: Shutterstock.com.

Logistics software integration specialist Chain.io in recent months has aided three rate management systems providers on their path to helping forwarders provide instant quotes to shippers.

Chain.io’s burgeoning commercial relationships with Catapult International, Portrix Logistics Software and, most recently, WebCargo, are part of a larger evolution in how software providers are helping forwarders navigate increased customer experience expectations from cargo owners by better connecting existing systems.

Catapult, Portrix, and WebCargo all help forwarders manage their databases of contract and spot rates from container lines and air freight carriers (WebCargo, a…

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