The smart home went into full swing this week at CES 2022, with new products for every corner of the house that (almost in most cases) are making their way onto the exhibition grounds. We’ve covered the most promising products in separate articles, but we’ve rounded them up here and added them in a few other notable product launches and announcements.

The dominant topic was interoperability. Yes, 2022 could be the year the smart home finally comes of age, moving from a collection of glitzy devices that mostly offer point solutions to the long-promised interoperability of the whole home.

Case in point: We hardly saw any robots. Instead, companies like Moen and Masonite presented solutions that combine different products and services to create a smarter, not just a connected home. As Mitchell Klein of the Z-Wave Alliance said during the show, “Right now we have a connected home. In five years’ time, we will be introducing contextual …

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