TAIPEI, January 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Security has always been a critical issue for businesses. From data security to personnel control, IX invented the world’s first wireless secure eBadge for authentication and data encryption to solve your problems.

With the globally patented three-key authentication mechanism (smartphone, IX Wireless eBadge, IX security platform) and blockchain technology, IX offers the highest level of security control via software in combination with a physical key and the exclusive verification of the secondary 2FA identity login with electronic Signature as an approval procedure. All communication data and messages are encrypted and protected and are not compromised to ensure data security. IX also helps companies to improve login security and the protection of sensitive data so that IT or management can check access records.

Everything is safe and monitored with just one badge

IX Wireless Secure eBadge is the first digital eBadge with …


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