TAIPEI, January 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Beseye is a Taiwanese company providing AI video analytics for surveillance cameras, enabling remote analysis of the human skeleton up to 30 meters.

“Beseye has given security cameras an intelligent brain to automatically perform security analysis on public websites and help stores gain insights into consumers. This saves a lot of manpower and time monitoring security videos,” said Beseye Founder and CEO . Shaq Tu.

Beseye’s Skeleton-print ™ technology analyzes posture and behavior from a distance, without being restricted by angles, and can be used in all environments.

Tu noted that one of Beseye’s selling points is that it doesn’t require any hardware replacement. Beseye’s video analytics platform supports over 90% of the surveillance cameras on the market. Companies don’t have to replace existing surveillance equipment.

Beseye literally analyzes all human behavior, including for medical purposes.

One use of Beseye is security. Beseye automatically …


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