Centrica modernizes applications with Wavefront’s VMware Tanzu Observability…


VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) today announced that the company is strengthening centrica in its mission to help customers live sustainably, simply and affordably by providing greater insight into the company’s cloud-native applications on which it runs Amazon Web Services (AWS).

VMware Tanzu Observability enabled by Wavefront centrica to gain better insights and trends into their platforms, allowing for a much smoother path to innovative products and services. With the help of Vmware, centrica provides metrics through simple dashboards on smart home applications that enable its customers to use energy more efficiently.

Tanzu Observability provides centrica with a unified view of their diverse, distributed environments on AWS, enabling them to quickly access actionable business intelligence (BI) and get mission-critical services up and running for their customers. With Tanzu Observability, the centrica Team fixed issues that were slowing down app development earlier in the lifecycle. dance…


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