Celebrate the one year anniversary of Azure Static Web Apps with us! Connect with others in the developer community and expand your Azure Static Web Apps skills in a fun, collaborative way.

Hard to believe that it’s almost a year since we announced the general availability of Azure Static Web Apps.

The Azure Static Web Apps service became generally available in May 2021, with support for many of the popular static website front-end frameworks and generators used to develop modern web apps.

A Turnkey service for modern full-stack web applications with prebuilt and prerendered static frontends and serverless API backends, Azure Static Web Apps focuses on making the developer experience – from build to deployment – effortless for modern web apps. Azure Static Web Apps is a powerful global website hosting solution that delivers a seamless experience through features like continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), preview environments, global scalability, customizable authentication integrations, managed Azure Edge, custom domains, and more .

Fast forward a year and we’re just days away from our one year anniversary (#SWAAnniversary), making this a perfect time to reflect on the journey so far and look forward to what’s next.

So join us May 19, 2022and hear from keynote speakers like Scott Hanselman and Donovan Brown alongside our product team and Microsoft MVPs in an hour-and-a-half event that will be streamed live learn television. If you are unable to watch the live event, it is always available for streaming on demand.

Visit the event page to view the list of speakers and add the event to your calendar.

Learn with #30DaysOfSWA

New to Azure Static Web Apps? Want to learn the core concepts, see usage examples, explore developer tools, and understand best practices for building richer user experiences with Azure Static Web Apps?

Visit the 30DaysOfSWA series and start your learning journey with a full month of short articles providing a curated tour of Azure Static Web Apps as we go from code to scale.

We’ve organized the journey into four phases, each building on the previous one, mimicking the developer experience with each new technology:

  • week 1: Focus on core concepts, learning the terminology, and getting set up.
  • week 2: Focus on application examples with quickstarts and frontend technologies.
  • week 3: Focus on development tools to develop, debug, test and deploy the Azure Static Web Apps.
  • week 4: Focus on best practices, from services to end-to-end experiences.

They say it takes 30 days to form a habit, and we hope these daily activities with #30DaysOfSWA help you become a skilled Azure Static Web Apps developer.

3 0 days Azure Static Web Apps logo reading code to scale.

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Sign up for the now Anniversary event for Azure Static Web Apps.

Here are a few links to kick start your journey with Azure Static Web Apps:

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