Cegeka launches its cybersecurity solution C-SOR2C


European IT company Cegeka has expanded its cybersecurity services with the launch of its latest solution, the C-SOR2C (Cyber ​​Security Operations and Response Center). C-SOR2C covers all activities related to monitoring, detecting and responding to cybersecurity incidents. The launch was announced by Cegeka at the Cybersec Europe Forum 2022.

The importance of cybersecurity can no longer be ignored, and it applies to small and large businesses alike in all industries.

“A few years ago, we mainly focused on monitoring IT environments and preventing and detecting security incidents. In 2022, there is a growing need for us as a cybersecurity service provider to act as a ‘reaction center’ for our customers to help them quickly with potential security issues,” says Stijn Bijnens, CEO of Cegeka.

Fabrice Wynants, Cegeka’s Safety Director, explains the meaning of the name C-SOR2C: “A modern SOC must be response-oriented and that is why we have…

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