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This blog post was co-authored by Espen Knudsen, Principal Digitalization and Innovation Advisor, Cegal.

The sheer volume of applications and data in energy companies in isolated environments exposes collaboration inefficiencies. Together with Cegal Cetegra, Microsoft Energy Data Services accelerates your journey to seamless access to the data and applications you need for your daily work by providing an easy-to-deploy managed service that is fully backed by Microsoft.

Cegal successfully worked with Microsoft and partners to evaluate the new Microsoft Energy Data Services preview program, an enterprise-class OSDU data platform powered by the cloud.

Microsoft Energy Data Services enables energy companies to take advantage of new cloud-based data management and collaboration capabilities provided by Cegal and Microsoft.

Microsoft Energy Data Services is a fully Microsoft-supported data platform that enables efficient data management, standardization, exemption and utilization in energy exploration. The solution is a hyper-scaled data ecosystem leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft’s OSDU data platform and secure and trusted cloud services with the deep expertise of our partners.

Cegal and Microsoft create collaborative cloud-based applications on Microsoft Energy Data Services

As an ISV and specialist systems integrator for the energy industry, Cegal has always placed great emphasis on breaking down data silos to free organizations from outdated constraints that can lead to reduced productivity. Opening up to universal access to one of the most critical assets in any organization—knowingly, data—is an obvious path to innovation. Integrating proprietary IP into existing workflows, contextualizing data through new AI-based routines, and integrating best-of-breed applications to create new and innovative solutions are critical steps towards more efficient and productive operations.

To achieve this goal, Cegal and Microsoft worked closely together over several months during which several relevant use cases were thoroughly evaluated and tested on the Microsoft Energy Data Services platform. From running the platform to developing new solutions on it, Cegal had the opportunity to contextualize a wide range of scenarios to ensure the experience was as comprehensive as possible, yet realistic for the energy industry.

Cegal was recently released Cetegra, a cloud-based platform that offers its users a modern, collaborative environment specially tailored to the specific needs of the energy industry in terms of digitization and data management. Delivered via a fully scalable pay-as-you-go model, Cetegra leverages the strengths of the Microsoft Cloud and offers full support for the Microsoft Energy Data Services platform. Cetegra with Microsoft Energy Data Services offers a one-stop shop for all types of data and applications that are tightly linked to OSDU and offers energy stakeholders a deep integration of their application portfolio, which also enables them to develop new applications within the and to test Cetegra innovation space without affecting existing business operations.

As Microsoft Energy Data Services enters preview, Cegal looks forward to providing operational support for the platform. As a global specialist in digitalization, drawing on years of experience in the energy sector, Cegal is the partner of choice to support and guide energy players on their digital transformation journey.

How to work with Cegal Solutions on Microsoft Energy Data Services

Microsoft Energy Data Services is a fully managed, enterprise-class OSDU data platform for the energy industry that is efficient, standardized, easy to deploy, and scalable for data management – to collect, aggregate, store, search, and retrieve data. The platform will provide the scale, security, privacy and compliance that our enterprise customers have come to expect. The platform offers out-of-the-box compatibility with Cegal Cetegra, a cloud-based platform that offers a modern, collaborative environment with data contained in Microsoft Energy Data Services.

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