Castle Shield Holdings, LLC publishes test results for its Aeolus VPN solutions. As stated in our public statement dated October 11, 2021, Aeolus VPN supports Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) for asymmetric key trading, including three selectable symmetric encryption codes for TCP and UDP on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

In addition, we used a minimal test environment as indicated below:

Castle Shield’s performance tests focused on the following test attributes:


“Based on our testing, customers who choose to use Castle Shield’s PQC solutions will not experience any performance degradation. There are many more tests that can and will be performed; However, these initial test results show that our asymmetric and symmetric encryption solutions PKI and PQC are robust and perform well. In addition, our PQC solutions are highly configurable and flexible. Customers can run PQC with three different symmetric ciphers / algorithms and for PQC customers can choose to …

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