The COVID-19 pandemic has turned cloud computing from a useful tech niche to a substantial one, and cloud computing ETFs have taken advantage of it. The WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund (WCLD) has risen 89% over the past 12 months, outperforming all other cloud computing ETFs and slightly outperforming the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which only rose 7.2% over the same period.

“The cloud prepandemic was like a Tesla – it was new and hot,” said Jake Dollarhide, Longbow CEO an interview with CNBC. “After the pandemic, it’s like Model T. It’s become so ubiquitous.”

Cloud software is installed over online networks and does not require any physical infrastructure to function. This made it even easier for companies to implement as they switched to remote work protocols.

As the world opens up again and work from home becomes less necessary, questions arise as to whether cloud computing will continue to be successful. With the end of COVID restrictions in sight, …

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