The Capcom Co., Ltd. logo will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 in Chiba, east of Tokyo, Japan on September 12, 2019. REUTERS / Issei Kato

It was only a few months ago that we learned that Capcom was a victim of a Ransomware attack. This was followed by further attempts to access player and company data. In the first attack, hackers successfully accessed corporate servers and apparently stole more than 1 TB of data. In one Final report The company, split by Capcom, rejected the ransom demand, stating that the ransomware attack was only possible because of an old VPN.

For those interested in the whole incident, the report is well worth reading. The timeline shows the various events that have taken place from the first detection to this final report. Capcom also confirmed the number of accounts affected. Instead of 16,415 as previously reported, the official count is now 15,640.

This mainly includes current and former employees. However, it also affected a number …

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