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Video game maker Capcom found out how its servers got infected Ransomware In November, the hackers used an unsecured VPN device to break into.

On Tuesday the company Posted an update to the attack that encrypted some of the company’s servers. At least 15,649 people, including employees and business partners, had disclosed their personal information in the incident.

According to Capcom, the hackers infiltrated their network by targeting an “older backup VPN device” located at the company’s North American subsidiary in California. Capcom was originally in the process of phasing out the older ones VPN Devices for a newer model. But then the COVID-19 pandemic in the state began to worsen.

“One of the older VPN devices mentioned above stayed with this North American subsidiary as an emergency backup in the event of communication problems,” said the company.

Capcom has not identified the name or model of the VPN device. But it seems the …

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