Can You Stream Netflix on a Decentralized VPN?



Decentralized VPNs, also known as dVPNs, are a hot new technology that is slowly gaining attention from the tech-savvy public. They offer more transparency and bargain prices and could be the gateway to a bright new, decentralized internet of the future. For now, though, you might be wondering if they’re reaching Netflix.

Here’s the good news: the most user-friendly dVPN on the market, mystery, does a great job cracking Netflix and potentially at much better prices than regular VPNs. The bad news is that in order to use it, you need to buy some crypto and figure out a bit how everything works before you start.

Using a dVPN for Netflix

As we explain in our article about how to use decentralized VPNs, Mystery is a good place to start. In many ways, it’s as easy to use as a regular VPN. Installation, payment and connection work very similarly a more traditional VPN service.

Connect to a Mysterium node

Well, it works almost the same way: instead of…

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