VPNs are widely used to bypass many censorship and connectivity issues faced by gamers around the world. As long as you stay away from illegal behavior, use a VPN for games is not a dubious act. When VPNs are used in games, they greatly improve in-game ping, reduce pocket loss, and provide better latency.

Some may also simply use them to avoid ISP network barriers in games to stream music software, or they may value their privacy more than others. If you experience latency or packet loss it is usually due to the distance between you and the server. And that’s why gamers often seek VPN providers with a distant set of servers.

When it comes to banning the use of VPN in games, the only way to get banned is for breaking the rules and laws of the country you live in or using a VPN that has not been approved by the government. Playing games while protecting your privacy is not a criminal offense, but sometimes games like Fourteen days, PUBGor Steam can remove you …

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