A VPN is a tool that helps establish a secure connection to the internet. You can Learn more about VPN to see how it works if you are interested in things like that. But let’s narrow this discussion down to VPN and GPS location for now.

How does GPS work?

The GPS is a satellite navigation System that uses 32 satellites to track the location of an object. It consists of three segments, each divided into room, floor and user.

The space segment consists of 32 satellites in orbit, 24 of which are active and the rest of the satellites or SVs are reserved. The ground segment monitors these satellites and theirs various parameterswhile the user segment receives the signal for various applications.

With GPS-based positioning, we need at least 4 satellites to find our true position. Satellite navigation is also used for precise timekeeping, due to which different networks have a built-in GPS or a global satellite navigation system …

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