AWS, Amazon is thriving The arm of clouds has been growing rapidly for more than a decade. As an early provider of public cloud infrastructures, the company has used its first market launch status to become the most successful provider in this area. In fact, one could argue that many of today’s startups would not have got off the ground without creating cloud companies like AWS to give them easy access to infrastructure without having to build it themselves.

At Amazon In its latest earnings report, AWS had revenues of $ 11.6 billion, which translates to a running rate of more than $ 46 billion. This marks the next AWS milestone at an ongoing rate of $ 50 billion, which could be achieved in less than two quarters if revenue growth continues.

The good news for competing companies is that despite the market size and relative maturity, there is still plenty of room for growth.

While the growth of the cloud segment is slowing down in percentage terms, since …

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